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PhD: Psychology/McGill; MA and BA: Linguistics/UBC) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics. Her research interests include first, second, and bilingual language acquisition and specific language impairment in children. One of her research programmes concerns children learning English as second language and how their linguistic characteristics overlap with those of monolingual children the same age with specific language impairment. Such an overlap has implications for theoretical accounts of second language and impaired acquisition, as well as for clinical practices. Paradis is currently undertaking a project to develop a web-accessible databse of language measures from ESL children aimed at assisting Speech-Language-Pathologists in the assessment of children in multilingual settings (project summary below). Another research programme concerns the language development of French-English bilingual children and how their development compares with their monolingual peers in each language (project summary below). Paradis's research is supported by funding from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Reseach, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network.

The language and culture of my heritage is passed on to me orally. it's a different way off learning than how I am taught at school. How do I keep my traditional culture alive while learning to read and being immersed in the majority culture?

Reading is the core of learning and staying in school . improving reading skills with young Aboriginal children can open up the doors to future prospects.

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