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Becky Xi Chen-Bumgardner

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My research interests are in the areas of bilingual/ESL and Chinese children's literacy development and cross-cultural and cross-linguistic studies of literacy. I have studied extensively the visual, phonological, and morphological processes in learning to read Chinese. I have examined bilingual children's phonological and morphological awareness. I am currently working on developing a model to capture the development of strategies in learning to read Chinese among children in China and Chinese children in Canada. I am also involved in a project that investigates how ESL children's literacy experience in their native language affects their development in English. My research takes a cross-cultural and cross-linguistic comparative perspective. The goal is to understand universal and unique processes in learning to read different orthographies

The language and culture of my heritage is passed on to me orally. it's a different way off learning than how I am taught at school. How do I keep my traditional culture alive while learning to read and being immersed in the majority culture?

Reading is the core of learning and staying in school . improving reading skills with young Aboriginal children can open up the doors to future prospects.

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