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My research is in the area of Vision Science. My educational background and training is in Psychology (Neuroscience). My research interests centre around assessing the efficacy of different methods of refractive error measurements in order to optimize vision screening objectives in young children. I am also interested in the prevalence of refractive errors, such as hyperopia and astigmatism, in our study population, to understand the development of childhood refractive errors and for doing population comparisons. Lastly, through CLLRnet along with Dr. Bill Bobier and in collaboration with Dr. Mary Ann Evans of the University of Guelph, I am involved in investigating the link between vision anomalies, especially hyperopia, and emergent literacy issues in young children.

The language and culture of my heritage is passed on to me orally. it's a different way off learning than how I am taught at school. How do I keep my traditional culture alive while learning to read and being immersed in the majority culture?

Reading is the core of learning and staying in school . improving reading skills with young Aboriginal children can open up the doors to future prospects.

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