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Many thanks go out to the members of the Advisory Committee for their time, their advice, and their input into this kit.

Thank you to Lisa Lamarre-O'Gorman of the Algonquin College Early Learning Centre and Delores Lydall of Meadowland Public School for their collaboration in the production of the early learning environment and classroom demonstration videos for the kit. As well, many thanks to all practitioners and teaching staff at those facilities that cooperated in these demonstrations. Their willingness and their efforts are much appreciated.

Thank you to the Canadian researchers, experts in numeracy, for agreeing to participate in many video clips: Brenda Smith-Chant of Trent University, Daniel Ansari of The University of Western Ontario, Darcy Hallett and Sherry Mantyka of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, Helena Osana of Concordia University, Jeff Bisanz of University of Alberta, and Lisa Lamarre-O’Gorman of Algonquin College.

Finally, thank you to Gretchen Reynolds of Algonquin College, Jo-Anne Lefevre of Carleton University, Helena Osana of Concordia University, Brenda Smith-Chant of Trent University and Joan McDuff of Queen’s University for their contribution towards components within this kit.

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