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Video 1: Rob Savage – Importance of Evidence for Developing Reading Programs

Video 2: Dale Willows – Teacher Preparation

Video 3: Dale Willows – Balance of Time Devoted to Reading Components

Video 4: Linda Siegel – How Children Learn to Read

Video 5: University Lab School – Phonological Awareness

Video 6: University Lab School – Phonemic Awareness

Video 7: University Lab School – Letter-Sound Correspondence

Video 8: Monique Senechal – Inventive Spelling – Exploring the Connection Between Sounds and Letters

Video 9: University Lab School – Inventive Spelling

Video 10: Andrew Biemiller – Vocabulary Worth Teaching

Video 11: Andrew Biemiller – Vocabulary Instruction (in three parts):

Video 12: Dale Willows – Teaching Spelling

Video 13: University Lab School – Guided spelling

Video 14: ICS Grade 3 class – Classroom Demonstration of Engaging Students in Analyzing, Distinguishing, and Using Homonyms

Video 15: University Lab School Kindergarten – Pencil grip

Video 16: Dale Willows – Scaffolding and Metacognitive Thinking

Video 17: Dale Willows – Role of Teachers

Video 18: Janette Pelletier - Importance of literacy rich Kindergarten

Video 19: University Lab School – Print at children’s level

Video 20: Alain Desrochers – Assessment

Video 21: Alain Desrochers – Types of Assessment

Video 22: Monique Brodeur – High Quality Kindergarten Instruction to Prevent Reading Failure (in four parts):

Video 23: University Lab School – Differentiated Instruction

Video 24: Univ. Lab School Kindergarten – Using shared reading as a context for writing and vocabulary building

Video 25: Univ. Lab School Kindergarten – Using shared reading as a context for developing writing

Video 26: University Lab School – Guided Reading as a Context for Decoding Words

Video 27: Eileen Wood and Jacqueline Specht – Using Computers in the Classroom (in five parts):

Video 28: Rob Savage – ABRACADABRA (in five parts):

Video 29: Janette Pelletier – Role of Parents

Video 30: Esther Geva – Evidence on the Needs of ESL Students (in seven parts):

Video 31: Janette Pelletier and Esther Geva

Video 32: Linda Siegel – Explaining Dyslexia (in two parts):

Video 33: Fred Genesee – Research on Children Learning to Read and Write in French Immersion (in four parts):

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