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 ISSUE 9   May 2005  
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The Network and CEECD collaborate to publish newsletter


View the May 2005 issue of The Bulletin, as it features highlights of the language development collaboration between The Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development and The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network. The publication summarizes the current state of knowledge on children's language and literacy development and describes the implications this knowledge has for early learning policies and practices. This newsletter will be sent to you electronically and also in a hard copy format.








Numerous Network researchers participated in this endeavor. Thank you to Susan Rvachew of McGill University for her leadership on the language development encyclopedia entry that has led to the next level of research dissemination, The Bulletin May 2005.

Also featured in The Bulletin are research and commentary by Network members Pat Cleave, Luigi Girolametto, Nancy Cohen, Rosemary Tannock, Monique SÚnÚchal, Donald G. Jamieson, Elaine Weitzman and Ginette Dionne.


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