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 ISSUE 8   December 2004  
    Classroom Acoustics

The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network is delivering an important message on the detriments of noisy classrooms to the doorstep of those who can make a difference.

Staying Home
For postdoctoral fellow Randy Lynn Newman, The Network is a motivating force to pursue a career in Canada.


  4th Annual Network Conference Toronto 2005
The 4th Annual Network Conference will be held in Toronto, June 26-29, 2005.


  Member Notes & News
Read the latest news items about Network members.


  Chicago Conference
You can still hear the sounds of the Sound Foundation Pediatric Conference held recently in Chicago.


  Family Literacy Under Review
The Fédération canadienne pour l'alphabétisation en français (FCAF) is looking for students and researchers to review research into the factors that influence family literacy.


  Mid-term Review
Many thanks to everyone for their contributions to the Mid-Term Review process, which was truly a Network-wide effort.
  Note to Project Leaders
Keeping profiles updated makes good sense.


Calendar Takes Off
More than 45,000 copies of the Canadian Language and Literacy Calendar have been disseminated across Canada and demand has led to a reprint of 5,000 more.


Shaping Careers
Student internships and co-op work placements with The Network's Software Development Group are attracting bright young minds to language and literacy research.


Moving Forward
Sandra Griffin and Dr. Ben Levin, members of The Network's Partners Committee, are pursuing exciting career opportunities


Administration Centre Update
A quick snapshot of what Administrative Centre staffers have been up to outside of their work day.


Student Research Assistantships
The deadline is looming for third-year students to apply for The Network's Undergraduate Summer Research Assistantship program.


Introducing New Board Members
The Network welcomes three new members to its Board of Directors and is thankful for the hard work of retiring members.





The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network is proud to be a Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE). As such, we meet funding criteria based on research excellence, the development of world-class researchers, the creation of research partnerships, and the application of research to foster economic and social development.

The NCE program is jointly administered by three granting councils: the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), in partnership with Industry Canada.

Thank you to The University of Western Ontario for hosting the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network.


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