ISSUE 6   November 2003  


Network Collaborates with CEECD Web-based Encyclopedia


The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network is collaborating with the Centre for Excellence in Early Childhood Development (CEECD) to create an encyclopedia of language and literacy development.








The Network is helping with new sections of the Encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia offers information on a range of topics surrounding early childhood development, pairing a brief description or definition of a topic with expert information.

This exciting collaboration got underway over the summer. Helen Ilios from Brock University, a Network graduate student, worked with staff to develop a literature review identifying top researchers world-wide in the area of language. Her search focusses specifically on researchers dedicated to the following topics:

  • factors that influence early language development;
  • impact of early language development on psychosocial development;
  • impact of early language development on literacy outcomes;
  • and availability and effectiveness of family literacy programs.

Once the review is complete, Network researcher Susan Rvachew of McGill University, along with the CEECD Research Committee, will select researchers who will be asked to contribute to the encyclopedia. The project will culminate with a conference expected to include researchers, service providers and policy makers in the area of language development.

The CEECD and The Network may work together on another section of the encyclopedia, with a focus on the psychosocial outcomes related to growing up bilingual or multilingual. Stay tuned or contact for more information.