ISSUE 6   November 2003  


Are Your Partners on our "A" List?


(l to r) La Fédération canadienne pour l'alphabétisation en francais (FCAF) representative, Sophie Tremblay, agente de recherche et d'analyse, discusses partnership opportunities with Jean Saint-Aubin, Network researcher, Université de Moncton, and Alain Desrochers, Network researcher, University of Ottawa.








It is important to keep research partners up to date on the activities of the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network. The Network's new Annual Report is ready and we will be happy to send it to your partners and contacts. This document provides a good snapshot of The Network for outside people and outside organizations.

In order to send this information out, we require the following details for each partner you have: name, title, organization, address, city, province, postal code, phone number and email.

If this contact information changes at any time, please keep us informed so our records will be kept current and so that we can avoid sending out duplicate information. Please send updates to Jill Wright, .