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 ISSUE 4   MARCH 2003  


Communication materials and activities boost Network awareness


sharing the science.
opening minds.

The range of materials and activities from The Network's Communications Department keeps extending in order to meet the evolving information needs of Network researchers and our goal of sharing science with as broad an audience as possible. The following notes highlight the strategies implemented and the materials produced.








  • Communications database. More than 900 contacts have been catalogued in our database that is made up of internal Network members and external scientists, educators, clinicians, partners, media, government and friends. This represents an increase of 400 qualified contacts since September 2002.

  • Internal Newsletter, dialogue. There have been four issues produced for The Network. The next issue will be released in late April 2003.

  • External Newsletter, clarity. The second issue is currently in content development and will be released in April 2003. The first issue was very successful. The Network sent the newsletter to 900 email addresses and only 4 bounced back. To date, 1,056 people have accessed the newsletter and 86 of those were first time visitors to our Web site. We still have visitors reading this newsletter daily. This product has a long "shelf-life" and can be easily sent through the Internet.

  • Annual Report 2001/2002. This report was sent out in October 2002 and due to numerous requests for additional copies, The Network reprinted more. If you would like additional copies, contact the Network Communications Department.

  • Brochure. This fact sheet about The Network is now available in electronic and paper copy. Network researchers will receive a quantity of brochures in the mail.

  • Poster Mailers. The second Network poster is currently in production. Its objective is to promote the value of evidence-based science in language and literacy development aimed at children. Posters will be mailed as soon as they are ready.

  • Networks of Centres of Excellence Communications Meeting. Jill Wright, Network Communications Officer, attended this annual meeting in Ottawa, Ont. Sessions highlighted other Network's best practices. Jill is also on a new working committee for the NCE that will vet new ideas and assist in developing some NCE communication projects.

  • Clippings file. Please send any media clippings that refer to The Network or Network individuals to the Administration Office for inclusion in our clippings file. These stories will assist in developing reports to the NCE office.

  • Web site statistics. User statistics are collected hourly from our Web site and each month, we have seen an increase in use. January 2003 saw us break a record of more than 5,000 visitors to our site.

  • Communication partnership building. The Network assisted in writing a story that appeared in the winter issue of the Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologists Association newsletter (circ. 5,000) and The Network had three pages of information in the most recent ABC Canada newsletter (circ. 5,000).


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