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 ISSUE 6   November 2003  
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    It's Montreal in 2004!

Bienvenue! The 3rd Annual Network Conference will be held in Montreal, Quebec in 2004.

November Project Leaderís Retreat Postponed
The November Retreat is postponed.


  Upcoming Events
Review the many conference and meeting opportunities that are available to you.


  One On One - Meet The Network's Newest Board Member
An insightful question and answer session introduces you to Peter Calamai, National Science Reporter for The Toronto Star who has just joined our Board of Directors.


  Administration Office Move
The Administration Centre is moving its office in November.


  Member Notes and News
Read the latest news items about Network members.


  From The Board
The Board recently evolved The Network's vision and goals statements.


  Network Collaborates with CEECD Web-based Encyclopedia
A language component is being added to the encyclopedia about early childhood development.


  2003 Conference Wrap Up
Read a wrap up of the conference and link to photos of the event.


Students Playing Vital Role in Network Success
Report from the Student Network Executive


HQPC Report: Partnerships Create Valuable Student Jobs
Network partnerships provide summer employment for 11 students.


3rd Cochrane Network Symposium in November 2003 Researchers and Students Encouraged to Attend
The Canadian Cochrane Network and Centre will hold its 3rd Cochrane Symposium on November 21-22, 2003, in Hamilton, Ontario.


Network Measures Catalogue Ready for Use
An on-line, searchable data base of Network assessment measure information is now available for use.


Are Your Partners on our "A" List?
The Networks new Annual Report is ready and we will be happy to send it to your partners and contacts.


Need Help Preparing for a Presentation?
The Networks Communications department has professional promotional materials and resources to help you explain The Networks role when you make presentations.


Your Input is Needed
Network Members asked to Recommend Topics and Participate in Upcoming Network Systematic Reviews.


Canadian Association of Research Libraries
Towards a Canadian Research Strategy for Knowledge Dissemination


Transcending the dialogue of the deaf By Peter Calamai
from the August 27, 2021 issue permission was received from RE$EARCH MONEY to reprint this information for six weeks





The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network is proud to be a Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE). As such, we meet funding criteria based on research excellence, the development of world-class researchers, the creation of research partnerships, and the application of research to foster economic and social development.

The NCE program is jointly administered by three granting councils: the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), in partnership with Industry Canada.

Thank you to The University of Western Ontario for hosting the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network.


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