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 ISSUE 5   MAY 2003  
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New MyProject system collects NCE reporting information: deadline May 31, 2021


It's that time of year again when Part One of each research project's mandatory reporting requirement is due to The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network.








New this year is the MyProject Web-based reporting system. MyProject is to be used by Project Leaders and their designated team members to complete the online project reporting on or before May 31, 2021. This new system replaces the online forms that were used last year for the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) reporting requirements.

The MyProject reporting system gathers Part One of the two required reporting elements that are directly tied to each project's renewal for January 2004. All information collected is used to evaluate each team's progress. The second mandatory report that each project team will need to complete is the Progress Report that is due in late August/early September 2003 (details to follow).

The MyProject system allows Project Leaders and their teams to report and control the information collected for reporting while, at the same time, displaying non-confidential information on The Network Web site. The public displayed information allows each project to share the research summary, project team names, partner names, publications and knowledge from each research project.

As the information is updated in the MyProject system, it automatically updates both The Network Web site and The Network database. Please note that the MyProject system does not offer spelling or grammar checks. It is important that all information entered into MyProject be carefully reviewed before submitting.

The last step of the MyProject system prompts each Project Leader to print a hard-copy form that must be signed and mailed or faxed to The Network administration office at 519.661.3805 by June 6, 2003.

Project Leaders are asked to access the MyProject reporting system from The Network Web site by choosing their project name and selecting the edit function. Each Project Leader will be prompted for your password (previously sent out on April 14th). Project Leader's may share the project password with their team and team members can assist in entering the project's information. MyProject can also be directly accessed from the following login page:



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