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 ISSUE 4   MARCH 2003  
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Network inspired team awarded $25,000 from The Hearing Foundation of Canada


The Hearing Foundation of Canada has awarded $25,000 to language and literacy researchers through their Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network connections.








At the first Annual Scientific Conference (ASC), Network researchers from across the country were able to gather in Ottawa and discuss research initiatives within The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network. The conference also provided a platform for The Network's researchers and associates to discover mutual areas of interest, such as David Brown, University of Calgary and Dennis Phillips, Dalhousie University did.

At the ASC, it became apparent that the auditory science research team at the University of Calgary had an interest in auditory processing and its relation to language and reading. This was something that Dalhousie University researchers had been working on with a "normal" population.

Through this realization, Brown and Phillips decided to join forces and design a study to seek evidence on the perceptual correlates of language performance in the developmentally-delayed group, a population to which Brown has access.

Brown and Phillips formed a collaboration to apply for funding for this work. The team applied to The Hearing Foundation of Canada for financial support. They recently received $25,000 in funding from The Hearing Foundation. The collaborative research is now underway and the study of whether the relation between perceptual processing and language/reading performance in the "normal" population can be extended to children with forms of developmental delay has begun.

"It is true The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network as a Network revealed to us common interests we would not have previously been aware of," says Phillips. "The Network provided a venue for two geographically remote labs to talk to each other, to discover this shared interest and allow us to capitalize on that."

While this unique partnership is funded independently of The Network, it was fostered through Network ties. Now, a new research team and project has been formed, and there will be more science to share and minds to open.


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