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 ISSUE 4   MARCH 2003  
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October 18 Symposium research dissemination products available


Hillel Goelman, University of British Columbia and Luigi Girolametto, Network researcher, Symposium co-leader, University of Toronto, share a lighthearted moment in Toronto on October 18, 2002. Both researchers presented at the symposium, Enhancing Caregiver Language Facilitation in Childcare Settings.

Monique SÚnÚchal, Network researcher, Carleton University presenting her session, Read it again, Pam, on the importance of repeated book reading for the development of language.








The symposium Enhancing Caregiver Language Facilitation in Childcare Settings held on October 18, 2020 in Toronto, Ont. is a research dissemination success story for The Network. Luigi Girolametto, Network researcher from the University of Toronto, with Elaine Weitzman, Network partner and Executive Director of The Hanen Centre and their project team successfully guided and managed the symposium that is part of their Network research project, Language Stimulation and Intervention in Daycare Centres. Their team's hard work is bringing forward several dissemination products that will be available for use around the world.

The first research product produced and ready to share is an Annotated Bibliography on Teacher/Child Interactions with Children who are Deaf in Daycare or Preschool Settings. This link http://ots.utoronto.ca/users/joanne60/papers.html leads to the annotated summary on teacher-child interactions with children who are deaf or hard of hearing in integrated daycare or preschool settings. Each annotation summarizes key findings of the research and identifies information from the article that can be used to suggest teacher strategies to facilitate language development and communication with children from this population.

Another idea that evolved, because attendance at the symposium was limited, was from The Network's Administration Technical Team. Each presenter's workshop was videotaped and each presenter's PowerPoint presentation was gathered to create another dissemination product. The result of this effort is an accessible electronic compilation of the symposium. The Network is hosting a page within The Network Web site so anyone interested in learning the latest information presented at the symposium can now watch each workshop at their convenience. Symposium presenters also agreed that their workshops could be used for any educational purpose.

We encourage you to watch the videos, use them in the classroom and help share the science. The videos and PowerPoint presentations can be found at http://www.cllrnet.ca/index.php?fa=Workshops.caregiver

The last dissemination product that will be released is the October symposium printed proceedings publication. It is currently in the final design stages and will be ready by April 1, 2021 in hardcopy. When The Network receives this piece, it will also be hosted on the Workshop Web link. Orders for the hardcopy of the publication can be directed to .

For more information, call The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network at (519) 851-2524 or


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