Student Poster presentation was an integral part of the 4th Annual Network Conference. Participants from three different categories, PhD/Postdoctoral, Masters and Undergraduate, had the opportunity to present their work through the use of posters.

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Student Poster Competition

This year, 20 student posters were presented and three $500 prizes were awarded to the following first authors in each category:

PhD - Corinne Haigh - The Activation of Phonological Representations by Bilinguals: Evidence from Interlingual Homophones (The University of Western Ontario, supervisor Debra Jared)

Masters - Kate Spear - Linguistic Differences Between Shy and Non-Shy Preschoolers: Does Performance Anxiety Play a Role? (University of Guelph - Supervisor Mary Ann Evans)

Undergraduate - Marie-Claude Boudreault - Influence de la scolarité maternelle, du sexe et de la frequentation d'un milieu de garde sur le développement lexical de l'enfant francophone (Université de Montréal - Supervisor Natacha Trudeau)

Runners Up

Postdoc, Karen Mattock - Babbling of infants exposed to Canadian English and Canadian (McGill University - Supervisor Susan Rvachew)

Postdoc, Monika Molnar - The Impact of Otitis Media on Infant Phonetic Perception (McGill University - Supervisor Linda Polka) Congratulations to the winners and all the best on pursuing your research!