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Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network
clarity. The result of applying science to children's language and literacy development  

The four stories in this issue of 'clarity' are of specific interest to practitioners in early childhood development, educators, researchers, day care management and any associations or agencies looking for ways to enhance their ability to serve children across Canada.

stimulating the neuron discussion

The natural curiosity of young children may hold the key to improving science literacy, while boosting comfort levels in science education and interaction as they become adults.

family history: the oldest potential remedy?

The scope and impact of science expands when collaboration happens. To mobilize this collaboration, a new project is cataloguing available data in a user-friendly, story-based format to enhance the efforts of researchers across the country.

stimulating the neuron discussion

Many children in Canada spend much of their early development time in child care or day care environments. Improving staff access to language and literacy training is an opportunity to increase the pace of development.

tree leaves are pointed

The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network is determined to build partnerships that will help our children today. We're already working closely with teachers, government, the private sector, charitable organizations and more — is your organization ready to open minds?

putting french in context
  Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network      
making sense of speech intelligibility

We trust you find these stories informative and useful and that they will impact your ability to serve Canadian children who need improved language and literacy skills to remain competitive and comfortable in life and in a global context.

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