Vision and Goals


The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network will improve language and literacy skills in Canadian children, enabling them to contribute more effectively to the social and economic life of their communities.

The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network will create an integrated network of researchers, practitioners and government policy makers in early childhood literacy and learning in Canada. This Network will continue its work after our Networks of Centres of Excellence support ends.


  1. To create knowledge and combine this with existing knowledge to improve the language and literacy skills of Canadian children;
  2. To establish networks of selected groups of practitioners to facilitate the application of research to practice.
  3. To measure the efficacy of conventional practices in the field and apply available knowledge to create improved educational and treatment plans and protocols.
  4. To establish permanent networks with federal and provincial governments. These networks would work to ensure that relevant policies reflect the best knowledge concerning ways to improve language and literacy skills in early childhood. The networks would also work to ensure that programs are systematically evaluated and refined within a new culture of commitment to accountability, rooted in the principles of evidence-based practice.

Just because I don't speak English doesn't mean I'm not smart. I speak another language with my family at home. With the right instruction, I can learn English quickly.

Children like me, who lack English vocabulary skills can draw upon already known language and literacy skills in their first language. And the younger we begin to learn English, the quicker we will acquire these skills. Proper instruction is the key.

We're creating solutions