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Update on Canada's Innovation Strategy

OTTAWA, October 30, 2020 -- Since February, Industry Canada and its partners
organized 34 regional summits and 80 sectoral consultations to hear from a
cross-section of decision makers from the business and academic communities,
as well as representatives from Aboriginal, youth and non-governmental
organizations across the country. During that process, the views of over
5000 Canadians were heard, including those of 1000 young people.

Minister Rock also met with provincial and territorial Ministers in June to
discuss progress made in the various jurisdictions. This input will help
shape a Canadian Action Plan on Innovation and Learning to guide Canada's
progress over the next decade. Industry Canada has spent $7.5 million since
February 2002 to ensure that Canadians'views have been heard.

'Canada's Innovation Strategy requires a national effort,' said Allan Rock,
Minister of Industry. 'We've already heard from thousands of Canadians as we
prepare to refine and implement the strategy. The shared commitment of
businesses, academia and communities will power Canada's rise to become one
of the world's most innovative nations.'

On November 18 and 19 in Toronto, the National Summit on Innovation and
Learning will focus on five themes identified during the regional and
sectoral meetings: improving the market performance of Canada's research and
development; learning; an inclusive and skilled workforce; the regulatory
environment; and strengthened communities.

'Innovation is not a government program -- it is a challenge to all
Canadians and they have responded enthusiastically, judging by the success
of the regional consultations,' added Minister Rock. 'Over the last six
months, the Government of Canada has forged many valuable links with our
partners and I am particularly pleased by the response of the business
community to the innovation challenge. The private sector is the key driver
of innovation and creator of jobs, and I warmly welcome its contribution to
the Action Plan on Innovation and Learning. We now need to identify actions
by all sectors of the economy to improve the productivity and
competitiveness of our economy,' Minister Rock concluded.

In recent years, Canada has eliminated the federal deficit, kept inflation
low, dramatically reduced unemployment, improved the debt-to-GDP ratio and
made significant investments in the infrastructure that supports research
and development. However, Canada has to do more and the National Summit on
Innovation and Learning will help the Government of Canada chart a course
that will bring lasting social and economic benefits to all Canadians. The
Action Plan will specify goals and targets for all sectors, and identify an
annual reporting process so that Canadians can measure progress over the
next decade.

Submissions can be found at along with
Achieving Excellence and Knowledge Matters, the two papers that comprise
Canada's Innovation Strategy. The site also contains summit reports, success
stories and other information. A summary of the advice from the
consultations and the key issues raised will be released prior to the
National Summit.

For more information, please contact:

Selena Beattie
Office of Allan Rock
(613) 995-9001

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