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Over 5,000,000 Canadians struggle due to language and literacy deficiency.
The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network is dedicated to reducing this number dramatically in the future by focusing on early childhood development in the present. Our objective is simple: to help every Canadian achieve a more fulfilling life, thereby creating a nation empowered by communication.

The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network is a forum for co-operative professional interaction, which recognizes that language and literacy deficiencies do not have a single, root cause. The Network is organized across multi-disciplinary themes to encourage sharing of the science, innovation, training and education that will open minds and nurture children without limitations.

Learn more, participate and share in our learning. Join our network today – and we can help every child in Canada seize tomorrow.


The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network is proud to be associated with the NCE program and meets funding criteria based on research excellence, the development of world-class researchers, the creation of research partnerships and the application of research to foster economic and social development.

As part of the Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program, we support projects that meet rigorous review criteria, invest in technologies and facilities that are national in scale, support innovative training and build the partnerships so necessary to success.

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