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wxWindows ...?
xWindows is a set of libraries that allows C++ applications to compile and run on several different types of computer, with minimal source code changes. There is one library per supported GUI (such as Windows, GTK+, Motif, and Mac). As well as providing a common API (Application Programming Interface) for GUI functionality, it provides functionality for accessing some commonly-used operating system facilities, from copying and deleting files to socket and thread support. wxWindows is a 'framework' in the sense that it provides a lot of built-in functionality, which the application can use or replace as required, thus saving a great deal of coding effort. Basic data structures such as strings, arrays, linked lists and hash tables are also supported.

A wxWindows GUI program consists of:

  • An application object - an instance of the wxApp class
  • A frame object - an instance of the wxFrame class. A frame can have things like a menubar, a statusbar, an icon etc.
  • The frame can be a container many other objects like text controls, buttons, splitters and so on.

The tutorial below are written and distributed by Franky Braem.

wxWindows Tutroial  -   Zip Format
wxWindows Tutorial  -   PDF Format


Last Updated Oct 21, 2020