Max Coltheart (Plenary Speaker, Saturday, May 4)
Professor Coltheart is a cognitive scientist with interests mainly in cognitive neuropsychology and cognitive neuropsychiatry. Born in 1939 at Frankston, near Melbourne, he grew up in Brisbane, Canberra and Bega before enrolling at the University of Sydney in 1957, where he did BA, MA and PhD degrees. He started with Macquarie's Psychology Department in 1987 after having had academic posts in:

Sydney (University of Sydney, 1965-1967)
Melbourne (Monash University, 1967-1969)
Canada (University of Waterloo, 1969-1972) and
England (at the University of London, where I was Professor of Psychology at Birkbeck College 1975-1987, and at the University of Reading, where I was Reader in Psychology 1972-1975).

Professor Coltheart is the author and co-author of a number of publications including Routes to Reading Success and Failure, Pathologies of Belief, Pure Alexia (Letter-by-Letter Reading), and Phonological Dyslexia.